As the name suggests, ChidiyaTapu is the perfect place for migratory birds and unseen ordinary native birds that can be found on the Andaman Islands. Recognized as the most glamorous beach in Andaman and tourists come here on a large scale while the beach’s best interest extends to them including the striking sunrise and sunset. This is a quiet but busy beach surrounded by evergreen forests on one side and the short hills on the other.

Since it is considered the presenter of the most sought after image of sunset and sunrise, it is the most important hub of the Andaman Islands. The beach is filled with 46 species of endangered bird species and white deer. There are many seasonal orchids and other varieties of plants.

Highlights: The main attractions are ChidiyaTapu ChidiyaTapu Biological Park, Sylvan Sands, MundaPahar beaches, etc. You can live in a bosgasthuis near the top of a hill and from there the panoramic ChidiyaTapu in detail ..

Activities: Apart from sunset to dawn, many people come for a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar to see this beach, to identify the rare species that appear in several colors and sizes. Although many of the birds are usually found on the beach, you will find it a unique and unnatural scene to find its colorful collection. Sailing is an attractive activity done here as well as snorkeling and swimming are also part of the adventure activities that are usually experienced by those visiting here.
Distance from Port Blair: It is about 25 km from Port Blair.

ChidiyaTapu is known as the bird island. The beach is at the far south tip of South Andaman, 25 km south of Port Blair and takes about 45 minutes to get there by car. This beach is small and flanked by marine defense. Stirred with green mangroves and peaceful forest, it is a perfect place for nature lovers. This is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Andaman. ChidiyaTapu is a small village with lush green mangroves and forest with many birds. It is an ideal picnic spot. At sunset, the island is undoubtedly magical.

ChidiyaTapu, also known as “Sunset Point” and “Bird Island,” is one of