The green sea is the largest and only weather with private ferries. She works back and forth between Havelock and Neil from Port Blair. Our powerful ship GREEN OCEAN -1 offers the most comfortable and enjoyable experience on board. In addition, our ship offers a unique cafeteria with open deck. Specially equipped with the best music and dance arena to relax.

Green Ocean – 2 is a big luxury boat on the Andaman Islands. It is the largest and only private ferry for all weather conditions between Port Blair and Havelock. This ferry is extremely popular with families and groups who want to enjoy the deck and dance while navigating in Andaman waters.

GreenOcean Cruise is the first and only deep sea all-weather vessel operating between Blair and Havelock ports to provide an unrivalled experience.
With consciously designed space aboard the ship to facilitate unobstructed movement for the guest to enjoy the island’s scenic beauty as it unfolds in the direction of their journey to Havelock.

On this ship you will never be restricted to the chair’s comfort, but it’s free to move and catch some air.
It offers unsurpassed service, safe, environmentally friendly and unforgettable experience for our guests during a vacation aboard a cruise on the Green Sea.

In order to maintain this highest quality, Green Ocean Cruise is a fully sustainable company with strict rules in our activities and sustainable policies with the ecosystem, human development and community support on the islands.

We offer comfortable maritime transport through our spacious deep sea ship to allow our customers to enjoy a relaxing and fun day trip cruise. Our guests enjoy good food on authentic Indian food while enjoying a beautiful green forest, white sand and a blue sea.

Outdoor cafeteria

Unlike other cruises, the Green Ocean has an outdoor cafeteria aboard with ample space and space for travellers who enjoy food in style and comfort while enjoying the idyllic beauty of the coast that sails to havelock island. The cafeteria serves different packaged foods, drinks and other delicacies and is also the most disgusting place on the ship.

The Green Ocean multimedia system on board offers entertainment for travellers who are comfortable in the central air conditioner.