Andaman’s rich wildlife and immense landscapes are, quite simply, iconic. The oft-pictured imagery of Andaman’s comes to life as you traverse the sprawling Islands and reach Havelock.

Situated at a distance of 57 km from the capital city of Port Blair and to the east of great Andaman’s, this beautiful little island has an area of 113.93 km2. If Sun, sea and sand were your idea of a perfect vacation, then Havelock island is your heaven. It is home to the most beautiful beaches in Asia. It holds the honor of the “best beaches in Asia” by Time magazine in the year 2004.

Havelock - What it offers you!

Havelock is an amazing experience. Right from the sea plane to kayaking and white sandy beaches. It has multiple joy of adventure and beauty wrapped in itself. Radha Nagar Beach , Elephant bay beach and Kalaphatar beach are the most enchanting places in these islands. The warm crystal blue water and the white sand is the hallmark of these places. Not just is it a wonderful place for honeymooners , it is also the hub for adventure seekers.

Radhanagar beach

Radhanagar beach or Beach no.7 is one of the most visited beaches in havelock island.The beach is famous for it’s long stretch of white sand and natural beauty.The radhanagar beach was named as the no.1 beach in asia by time magazine in 2004 after which it shot to fame.

The Radhanagar beach is located in the north-western part of havelock island and is 8kms from the jetty.The beach is connected by a small road and has many resorts and small road side vendors nearby.

Radhanagar beach is also very popular with surfers as the beach tends to have gigantic waves during the surfing season.The beach has basic facilities for visiting tourists like changing rooms and snorkeling equipment on hire.

Elephant Beach

Elephant beach is the most secluded beach in Havelock Island.The beach is not acessible by road and the only way to reach the elephant beach is by hiring a speed boat or dinge from havelock jetty. Elephant beach is ideal for watersports activities because it’s crystal clear waters .Water sports activities like jet ski, scuba diving, snorkeling and underwater seawalk are conducted at the beach.

Kalapathar beach

Kalapathar beach is a remote beach about 10kms from havelock jetty.The beach is accesible by road and is famous with couples and nature lovers.It is picture perfect and far less crowded than Radhanagar beach.Kalapathar beach is an ideal location to spend some quality time alone or with your loved one.The beach also has a few good snorkeling spots.

Activities in Havelock

Scuba diving in havelock

Havelock is a diver’s haven due to its rich underwater marine life and clear blue waters. Havelock island is popular world wide with the professional diving community and most of the dive centres here give certification courses to pro divers. Guided diving sessions are conducted by many reputed dive schools for tourists wanting to try out diving for the first time.

Tropical Andaman’s has partnered with some of the best dive schools in havelock to bring the best diving experience for our guest. Prebooking your Dive can get you great discounts ,fill out our form for more details.

Sea Walk – Elephant Beach

If sea has excited you , then underwater sea walk will blow your mind. The only destination in India which offers you an Underwater sea walk is the Andamans. The elephant beach in havelock is the preferred and popular spot for underwater sea walking. It is very safe and anyone from the age of 7 to 70 could try this.

How Underwater Sea walking works

Firstly the trained and certified staff will give you lessons on, how to walk in the sea beds, instructions on safety procedures and sign language used underwater. Then the equipment is handed over, which includes a visor, helmet, and apparatus which allows normal breathing. A small boat will take you to the spot, then a trainer will guide and accompany you underwater.

The experience underwater is so surreal that it almost feels unreal. Walking with equipment and touching your feet to the seabed is sheer amazement . The sight of thousand fishes and varied corals is a beautiful experience . The Marine life which this place offers is simply magnificent.

A word of caution, this sport is not to be tried out by asthma patients , heart patients, and pregnant women.

Scuba Diving vs snorkeling

The two most sought after sport in these islands are scuba diving and snorkeling. One may wonder the difference between the two. Snorkeling is swimming with a snorkel or a tube that allows you to breathe through your mouth when you are underwater.

While Scubadiving the diver can go deep into the sea bed, and examine the under water life. It is true that scuba gives you the enhanced and more exhilarating view of the corals and life underwater. There will be trained professionals who will guide you along every step.


Kayaking is yet another popular sport in the islands. This unlike scuba is not for everyone. Only those who have a flare for rowing, can beat the heat of kayaking in Havelock Sea. Venturing against the waves with your paddle and helmet is an unforgettable experience. A must try for the brave hearted, gym goers.

Seaplane Ride

If you thought we were done with the attractions of Havelock, then the answer is “not yet”. Brace yourself, for the Sea Plane Ride. Havelock has its own commercial sea plane service named “Jal Hans”. Jal Hans is India's first commercial seaplane service. The airline is jointly owned by Pawan Hans, India's largest helicopter services provider and the Union teritory of Andaman Islands and is run on an equal Revenue sharing basis. Sea plane is a must ride. The beauty of flying over the shimmering sea blue water is something you cannot afford to miss.

When to Go and Where to Stay in Havelock

Havelock island is about 2hrs by ferry/cruise from Port blair,though it is possible to visit the popular beaches and return on the same day most tourist’s prefer to stay over at Havelock for a couple of days to have a complete experience of everything the island has to offer.

Havelock has many beach side resorts. The Prices range from 10,000 to 15,000 Rs for luxury villas/cottages and from Rs2500 to Rs 10000 for budget and Premium Resorts.

December to January is the high peak season and most rooms are full during this time and most of the popular resorts charge extra surcharges during this time

  • Port Blair to Havelock Distance : 68 kms
  • Approximate time taken to reach : 2hrs
  • Special permits needed : No
  • Getting from Port Blair to Havelock:
    • Govt. ferry from port blair jetty (cost 500 Rs per person)
    • Makruzz(A/C) from Port Blair Jetty (cost 950 Rs per person)
    • Green Ocean (A/C) from Port Blair jetty (cost 700 Rs per person)
  • Ferry/Cruise Shedule:
    • Govt Ferry: 4 Round trips Daily
    • Makkruzz ; 2 Daily trips, departs port blair at 0800 and 1430

Tips for travellers going to Havelock island

  1. One word – Sunscreen! Must have in the islands.
  2. Carry your bathing suits ,you can purchase them at port blair but might be dificult to find u=in havelock
  3. Please carry your own bottle of water, do not litter the used bottles in the islands.
  4. Carry Id Proof with you , it is required for boat/ferry tickets.
  5. Book your water sport activities in advance
  6. Please consult your tour operator and make necessary arrangements if you are travelling with young children or the elderly.

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