Famous for underwater coral, North Bay Island near Pheonix Pier in Port Blair is another favorite tourist destination. Several clubs provide exciting diving, snorkeling and sea walks on the island and give it a special place in the heart of adventure lovers. And because of this factor, North Bay Island is busy all the time.

If you want to make a tour on North Bay Island, you should come to the Andaman Water Sports Complex where it starts and the boats can accommodate up to 60 people and each boat has a guide. The glass-bound boat trip to the island gives you many opportunities to see the world of fish, typical sea flora and underwater rivers in harmony.

Highlights: Diving and snorkeling are the most important activities on the island, and with them the glass bottom is also of great importance. The coral reefs and sea creatures make the underwater world fascinating. Sea walks are also considered as a thought-expanding activity and open the doors to blend with the colorful, rare quarters. To go hiking, you will be taken to the station from the stationed trip along the ocean, and the experience of walking along the soft seabed is unforgettable for your life.

Activities: Going to the sea and diving are considered the best adventure activities that can be done in Andaman, as a large number of travelers do these activities on a regular basis.

Distance from Port Blair: The island is about 42.4 km from Port Blair, and it will take approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there.

Also known as Coral Island, North Bay Island is a beautiful beach island just north of Port Blair. The beach is easily accessible by ferry from Port Blair. It is known for coral underwater treasures. There are lively corals, colorful fish and a wide variety of vegetation. This is an ideal place for snorkeling and scuba diving. The white sandy beach and the peaceful atmosphere are the real charms. North Bay Island is a bit crowded as it is closest to Port Blair and offers great experiences to tourists. The corals are spread over a large area and therefore look beautiful. You can spot bivalve seafood, lobster and a variety of fish.

North Bay Island Andaman has a paradise setting surrounded by water activities and coral full of wildlife.