Linked by a white sandbar, Ross and Smith Islands belong to the North Island and both are collectively known as the Twin Islands. The beautiful villages, turquoise waters, virgin beaches and the very beautiful tropical rainforest and what, not these islands are indescribably fascinating.

Because the island is close to Diglipur, you can take Aerial Bay as a destination and get tickets and travel to the island by ferry. Ca. 20 minutes will sail take you to the island. From Smith Island, you are invited to enjoy the mapped nature trails to Ross Island through the green tropical forests that always swing their heads.

Highlights: A marine reserve on the island is the highest highlight and is considered the ideal place to see the rare collection of refreshing coral reefs and colourful fish species. Because both islands are home to Olive Ridley turtles, tourists at the right time will see turtles nesting and it is a rare scene to see. Sometimes the wild elephants living in the woods can come to the outside world.

Activities: Snorkeling and swimming are the most suitable and well-known activities on both islands. Adventure lovers also find the space for scuba diving.

Distance from Port Blair: About 191 miles from Port Blair to Ross and Smith Islands.

The excitement of this destination is that it is unique and that no island in the Andaman archipelago offers an experience like this one. This island is untouched, to be honest. A sandbank borders Ross and Smith Island. In short, there are two different islands along with a sandbank. When you reach the harbour, you book a boat to the island of Ross and Smith. Here you will also be informed about your boat trip and you will also get life jackets.

The boat trip takes approx. 20 minutes. When you reach Ross and Smith Island, you can rest and relax. You can swim and snorkel here on this island. Please note that there are life blocks available to enjoy the water on this island. The turquoise waters here are the best you can see in one of the destinations in the Andaman Islands because very few travellers visit this destination.