Saddle Peak is a pleasure to discover. At an altitude of 732 meters, it is the highest point in the Andaman Islands. Walk through the dense forest and be amazed by the incredible view from the top. Huge trees, water bodies and twisting birds make the experience even more charming. Enjoy the big blue sea on one side and lush green forests on the other. Because of the rich diversity of flora and fauna, it attracts many tourists. You are advised to use the help of a local guide during the trek, especially if you are not familiar with the trail. There are several cabins and benches in the area where tractors can rest during a trip to Saddle Peak. The only river of the Andaman Islands, the Kalpong River, flows through the forest.

Suddle Peak is the highest peak in Andaman. Saddle Peak National Park is a national park on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and was founded in 1979. The wide variety of flora and fauna and the maritime climate make the Saddle Peak National Park a favourite tourist destination.