The Indian Navy monitors the famous Samudrika Marine Museum, which exhibits the richest collection of Andaman’s animals and flowers. The rare species of fish, other animals, plants, corals, etc. Is well kept here and there is also a small aquarium. On the contrary, the different attraction on the island is this museum when you finish a visit to the beaches and the wonderful islands. Many tourists have recognized this museum as a perfect representation of what the island has to offer to surprise visitors, but in miniature form.
The museum opposite Andaman Teal House is occupied by five sections reflecting the islands’ history, geographical features, the people and their way of life, the less researched archaeological information and of course marine life. The museum was founded with the idea of ​​making people aware of different aspects of the sea’s life and the importance of maintaining this sensitive ecosystem well for a balanced future for people.

Highlight: Outside the museum is a skeleton of a blue whale preserved and it is a beautiful sight to look at. The first room shows facts like volcanoes, trunks, different types of forests, insects, etc. The other room shows echoes underwater scenery through an aquarium. Coral Reefs has a whole room that is the third room. Skulls in abundance are continued in the fourth room and you will be surprised by the huge collection. Last but not least, the fifth room dedicated to the Andaman tribes, the examples of butterflies and insects.

Timing: The museum is open every day from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm and from kl. 14 to 17.

Entrance: For adults: INR 50 and for children: INR 25. If you want to bring a camera or video from the inside, you must pay INR 20 and INR 50.
Port Blair Distance: The museum is located in Port Blair within walking distance.

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is a museum in Port Blair, India. The museum is run by the Indian Navy. This museum wishes to create awareness about the environment in the sea and marine life. The museum has five parts with the Andaman Islands history, geographical information, Andaman people, archeology and sea life.

This museum is located opposite the Andaman Teal House, Delanipur, Port Blair and creates attention to various aspects of the oceans. It contains a large collection of cells, corals and a few species of colorful fish from the ocean around the islands.

This museum is run by the Indian Navy and has a number of exhibits with information about the islands ecosystem, tribes community, plants, animals and sea life (including a small aquarium).