It is located in the south of South Andamans and is 25 km from Port Blair. The lush green mangroves and forests have many chirping birds. Sandy beaches and beaches in Munda Pahar make it an ideal picnic spot. Enjoy a swim in Munda Pahar Beach before sunset. Forest Guest House is located at the top of the hill and offers beautiful views of remote islands, sunken corals and a breathtaking sunset.

The beach at Munda Pahar is approx. 25 km from Port Blair. It takes about 40 minutes to reach this beach.

The Munda Pahar Beach in Chidiyatapu is very close to nature, from the mangrove plantation to the beautiful sunsets. Munda Pahar Beach is a stunning beach with an extensive collection of birds with more than 46 species of endemic birds. The Munda Pahar Beach has become a residence for these lively, vibrant and beautiful birds; As a result, the Munda Pahar beach is popularly known as ChidiyaTapu, where Chidiya means Bird and Tapu means Iceland.

Munda Pahar Beach, popularly known as ChidiyaTapu, never disappoints its visitors. It offers a wide range of activities like photography coral-watching, hiking, fishing and bird watching. In addition, you can also bask in the sun.
Munda Pahar beach is a great place for coral reefs. Submerged corals seem to multiply the place, enchanting different explorers and guests along these lines. Everyone would be tempted to observe these amazing corals.
Because the beach of Munda Pahar is known for its large collection of birds, the place stands out to be a paradise for birdwatching. You can see and even catch different bird species.

Cameras are considered important assets during the journey, especially if the destination is divine. It is ChidiyaTapu’s divine beauty that visitors are forced to take a picture of this beauty.

The Munda Pahar beach is especially famous for its beautiful sunset views. Some of the locals visit the place mainly to see the beauty of the sunshine. This sunset will prove to be the most memorable sunset in your life. In addition, the place stands out to be a paradise for the birds of love. The Munda Pahar Beach offers the best sunsets throughout the Andaman Islands. Trekking is an opportunity for nature and adventure enthusiasts who want to explore the lush green forests on the beach. A journey of 1500 meters to the southernmost part of South Andaman from Munda Pahar Beach serves a wonderful treat for the action-packed hikers. You have to go through a dense forest to complete the trip. By the way, you can also get a glimpse of the boundless waters that have stunned the crowd. ChidiyaTapu Biological Park, ChidiyaTapu Beach and Sylvan Sands beaches are the most important charms. The beaches prove to be the seventh heaven for shell collectors because there are different types of colourful shells everywhere. A guest house in the woods, located on top of a small hill, offers beautiful views of distant islands and flooded coral. Therefore, the beach is also called Sunset Point due to the majestic sunset view of the ocean.

About Munda Pahar Beach

Munda Pahar Beach is known as Sunset Point image. The Munda Pahar Beach, an inseparable and critical part of the Andaman Islands, is an incredibly inspiring tourist achievement. The beach tends to appeal to countless tourists who continue to drive to town during the year. In addition to fascinating travellers, the beach is also very famous for locals, which stimulates tourism. Local people regularly visit the place for a picnic; the coast is a hot spot among locals. Mangrove shades in the coast reduce the beach’s glory. Holidaymakers are usually partially in this kind of shades and should never venture to catch them.

The Munda Pahar Beach, an indivisible and remarkable part of the Andaman Islands, has a touristy look. The beach tends to appeal to a large number of tourists who continue to drive to town during the year. Besides catching the visitors, the coastline is also very common among locals, which stimulates the tourism sector. Local people regularly visit the place for a picnic, this beach is a hotspot among locals. Mangrove shades on the beach reduce the gloriousness of the beach. Sights are typically associated with this kind of shades and will never hesitate to capture them.

The seabed, however, is extremely hard and not required for swimming. Since its emergence as a favorite spot for explorers, MundaPahar Beach has reviewed and redesigned the foundations of its guests. You can meet the experienced abuser yourself in the same way by recording the journey to the southernmost tip of South Andaman. The 1.5 km long journey, though difficult and secured with a thick back cover, closes in a glorious perspective with the infinite water that is scattered in front of you and the only skyline for organization. The tour has seats in transit and with enough meals of food and plenty of water, you can influence an excursion here from your day.

The lush green mangroves, the twisting flying creatures, the rich thick forests and the clear waters all seem to encompass the MundaPahar beach. The beauty of the place is with the ultimate goal that it appeals to its guests. The MundaPahar Beach is one of the most extensive beaches in the Andaman Islands. The MundaPahar Beach, hidden in nature, is truly an amazing sight.