Laxmanpur Beach is considered the base for visitors. Another clean beach in Andaman with a beautiful view of the sunset.

Laxmanpur Beach is a picturesque waterfront that covers a huge part of the village of Laxmanpur. The beach is covered with white shells over the sand as opposed to the blue sea. The beach is full of many coral and seashells, often collected by visitors such as souvenirs.

The beach at Laxmanpur is an ideal place for many such activities, such as swimming and sunbathing. Low-water white sands and dead corals make it a perfect place for snorkelling. The beach on the beach offers a beautiful panoramic view, especially when the sun goes on the horizon. The wide beaches are a perfect evening walk where you are equipped with such an atmosphere and tranquillity in one hand and with such a sunset on the other.

Laxmanpur Beach is a picturesque waterfront and covers a large number of the village of Laxmanpur on the island of Neil. White-sanded sand across this remote beach is a big contrast to the blue sea. Corals and sea shells can be found in abundance on this coast, often collected by visitors as a souvenir.

The sea is low and quiet, making it perfect for swimming and snorkelling. This serene beach offers a breathtaking panorama, especially when the sun sets.

Laxmanpur Beach is blessed with natural beauty in terms of green, white sandy beaches and clear blue sea. All of these aspects make it a perfect photography site where visitors can click on numerous impressive snapshots.

Children who come to the beach have a lot of fun because they have different things to keep them busy. They can play on the white sand or collect mussels of different shapes and sizes. Children can also enjoy swimming on this beach because the water is low.