Sitapur Beach or beach No. 5 is a famous beach in Andaman and Nicobar Island, located at the tip of Neil Island. Due to its geographical location, the island is sensitive to higher tides and stronger currents. The beach is also known as the sunrise because it is the best place to enjoy the beautiful sunrise on such a panoramic view amidst the green and turquoise waters.

The beach has two curved bays and clear blue water, a perfect combination for a glimpse of the eyes. The long wide soft sand with many shady palms provides a relaxing atmosphere. At low tide, you can go and explore many such beautiful caves or just enjoy the wonderful and peaceful atmosphere of the beach in Sitapur. The beach is never crowded so such facilities are not available, but you can have used a lazy day with coconuts.

The beach is especially a visit overlooking the majestic sunrise and the view of the surrounding vegetation. It has an awe-inspiring plantation, natural limestone formation and various forms of crops. This picturesque beach with great blue skies and breathtaking scenery fascinates every visitor. Perhaps a perfect destination for all nature lovers.

Sitapur Beach is the perfect place to admire the sunrise when in Andaman. The sea here has ebbed. The route that leads you from the harbour to the beach in Sitapur is magical because there are lush green plantations, natural limestone formations and different forms of crops. Sitapur Beach is located on the island of Neil.