The beach of Wandoor, one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Andaman, is located east of Port Blair. Due to the presence of colorful corals on the beach, tourists find it attractive and imprisoned. In addition, the large bushes in the area of ​​the beach provide a combined charm. Tourists choose Wandoor Beach to just relax by looking at the crystal clear waters and the white sandy beach along the coast.

There would be hundreds of fishing boats on the coast that give a colorful atmosphere to the beach. The large maritime collection adheres to the positive characteristics of the beach. Wandoor, part of the famous Mahatma Gandhi National Park, has gained fame through the rare species that can be found in the park and in the nearby villages.

Activities: Very close to Wandoor Beach, there is a huge cave formed after the huge deposits over the years, and adventurous enthusiasts make a trip through the desert to reach the caves and enjoy spending time there. In comparison, Wandoor.

The beach is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing in the sun’s calm rays. But it would be promising to see the sunset and the sunrise from the coast. Because the large amount of corals always glitter from the water, people also love to swim and enjoy friends with these rare sea species.

Distance from Port Blair: From Port Blair you must cross approx. 25 km to reach Wandoors beach. There are boat services available from Port Blair to the village of Wandoor and from here you can reach the beach on foot or by road.