Collinpur Beach, located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of southern Andaman, is the residence of enchanting cobalt water and the tranquil sandy stretch. It is close to Tirur. Smooth sand covers the beach and the dense vegetation in the region exhibits different shades of green. Ocean clouds float around seawater. The exotic Collinpur beach also has a thick veil of palm plantations. It is also called ‘Sunset Bay’.

The beach of Collinpur is U-shaped and is visited by picnickers. The enchanting blend of sumptuous green tropical forests and knotted trunks of old trees make the place very picturesque and offers a beautiful backdrop to the azure waters that cross the coast. The scenery and tranquillity of Collinpur Beach make the tourists an unforgettable experience.

Due to the low water, the Collinpur beach is also suitable for swimming. Basking in the sun and watching the sunset are some of the beloved activities on the beach. The beach is a wonderful escape from nature’s arms and leaves the life of city life. The beach is quite remote and is therefore perfect for a relaxing time. At both ends of this small beach are Japanese bombers from World War II.

Visit information : Collinpur Beach is 40 km from Port Blair and has good road links. In winter, the place can be enjoyed best from December to February, while summer is the ideal time from March to mid-May. Port Blair is the closest airport to reach Collinpur Beach, from which private cars and local buses can be rented.
Collinpur Beach is the closest beach to Port Blair, with the characteristic beauty of the beaches in the area. The only difference here is the lack of crowds. As it is not one of the most popular attractions in the Port Blair area, it is not surprising that you will find the beach itself. The waters here are perfect for swimming, and the sunset from this beach is beautiful.